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Sponsoring a Child-Ukraine

Do you have a heart for the world's orphaned and underprivileged children? For just 79 cents a day you can make a significant difference in the life of one of these children at Brenna's Home in Lutsk, Ukraine. Sponsors are asked to make a one-year commitment ($25/month, $300/year) and can be an individual, family, or group. These funds are used directly for the costs of food, clothing, shelter, and school expenses.

Sponsors are assigned a child and receive a picture with their birthday. We provide information to send the child a birthday card directly to the home in Ukraine. Sponsors are also requested to remember their child with a small gift (under $15) for Christmas. We encourage sponsors to provide pictures of themselves for their child. This is one of the most precious things for these children-the opportunity for them to see the people that care for them through sponsorship.

When we travel to Ukraine, we try to bring letters for sponsors that the children have written. Sponsors also receive a monthly email update about Brenna's Home from the Foundation.
I am interested, how do
I get started?

Contact the Foundation by email:

Through the website: Contact Us 

Facebook message through the Brenna Engle Foundation page.

The easiest way is to send your first check, payable to:
Brenna Engle Foundation
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Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603.

Sponsors pay on the frequency that suits them best, whether once per month, once per quarter, or the entire year upfront. If you have specific questions not answered here, please let us know.